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This introduction to long range course will cover everything you need to know to engage targets out to 1,000 yards. Whether you're looking to extend your current range or prep for a hunt of a lifetime, you'll be confident in your capabilites after this course. There will be a classroom portion both days followed by live fire. We will cover the fundamentals of shooting, setting up your rifle, ballistics and more. 


This class will be held at Caprock Rifle Club in Brownfield, TX. This facility has targets out to 2,500 yards and provides a covered, concrete shooting line. This range is located 30 minutes SW of Lubbock, TX. Lubbock has a ton of great hotel and dining options.


Your instructor is Mike Burdis. Mike is a competitive shooter and owner of Phalanx Arms. He has been competing in various types of precision rifle competitions for 3 years and brings a wealth of knowledge. He is passionate about helping those around him and excited to help you grow.


This course will be limited to 5 students to ensure sufficient time with each student. 


If you would like to rent a rifle and/or purchase ammo for the class, please call or email to see if this is available for your class date.


Students will receive a coupon code after the class to help with any gear they may need to continue their long range pursuits.



1) Basic understanding and application of precision rifle fundamentals

2) A reliable rifle set up capable of 1 MOA accuracy or better

3) Bipod, Shooting Bag, Magazine, Ballistic Solver

4) 200 rounds of ammo

5) Please show up zeroed, have a rough velocity and equipment ready to go. This will help maintain the course timeline.

6) Tripod and spotter/binos preferred

Intro to Long Range Class