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Designed for competitors, the Adjustable Core Competition (ACC) is the result of endless testing and collaboration with competition shooters, implementing the most crucial and results-driven features while ensuring accuracy and precision remain unparalleled.


The MDT ACC Premier Chassis System was created with an integrated weight management system, allowing shooters to fine-tune their chassis’ weight and balance point. Add weights to the buttstock as well as the forend on both the interior and exterior. With an original weight of 4.5 lbs, it can be fitted for a maximum of 12.3 lbs, but that’s only for the chassis itself. Add your action, barrel, scope, and other accessories and you could be pushing 25-30 lbs.


All of this modularity can be achieved without taking your barreled action out of the chassis system. Internal forend weights can be inserted for the front of the forend and screwed in place, while external weights are designed to be M-LOK compatible and easily attached on either side of the forend. This allows shooters to rapidly adjust the feel and recoil of their system, even while at the range.


The included MDT SRS-X Premier Buttstock features more rifle stock adjustability than one could ever need, while the MDT Vertical Grip Elite (also included) provides both forward and backward grip adjustment, as well as angular adjustment for those that prefer a slight angle to their grip. Achieving the perfect fit your your body and shooting style is paramount for consistently putting rounds on target, and the MDT ACC Premier Chassis System is adjustable to suit all.

MDT ACC Premier Chassis

Ships in 3-5 days