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Please note: The left handed HNT 26 is only available for Remington 700 and clones.


The MDT HNT26 Chassis System is MDT's first truly purpose built hunting rifle chassis. This rifle stock provides you with all of the usual benefits that you expect from a chassis system such as v-block bedding, LOP and comb adjustment, AICS magazine compatibility etc, but weighs in starting at a mere 26oz (for the standard fixed version).


The MDT HNT26 Chassis is constructed of a magnesium alloy rifle stock/base, with a carbon fiber forend, a carbon fiber pistol grip and a foam filled carbon fiber buttstock. With the increased number of hunters using ARCA tripods, they have included an option to choose a carbon fiber forend with an integral ARCA rail, as well as a foldable buttstock version for compact storage.

MDT HNT 26 - Left Handed

Some variants are backordered and will ship in 8-10 weeks. Please contact if you have questions.